Welcome to Forlorn Hope

Forlorn Hope is a short campaign set in the world the Whitecliff campaign will be set in. It tells the story of some unfortunate souls who were snatched from their homes and brought forward through time to Whitecliff some months before the player character’s in the Whitecliff campaign arrive. These unfortunate souls face a harsh world and will surely die before the Whitecliff characters arrive. Do they die standing on their feet? Can they leave their mark on this foreign soil?

Forlorn Hope will start sometime after Christmas 2014 and will use Google Hangouts (and maybe Roll20). The frequency of sessions will be determined by available players, but I’ll be aiming for fortnightly or weekly. We’ll be tolerant of absences, but characters will be played as an NPC during that time.
The game will be part exploration, part survival. At first, and possibly through the entire campaign, the PCs will be the only characters around. This may result in a game that is, at times, a bit bleak. But that’s definitely not the mood I’ll be aiming for. If I do my job right, awe and wonder should be more common and with the right group of players there should be some great camaraderie as well. Having said that, this is a prequel to Whitecliff to let me test a few story ideas out and to playtest my ruleset. As such, you can expect some inconsistencies and for me to get a few things wrong (so the world may be different between this game and Whitecliff). The campaign will also feature a definite end and your characters won’t survive it – but they can still save the day and be heroes.

Forlorn Hope